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Mazet d’Irène is a line of wines produced by the Jean-Pierre Rambier family in the heart of the Languedoc’s Pic Saint-Loup appellation.

As an engagement gift, our grandmother Irene received this “mas” or cottage in the Pic Saint-Loup. She grew to love this land and there she would spend the most beautiful moments of her life and raise her family. For all the happy memories and beautiful emotions the land had brought to her… we decided to dedicate this line of fine wines to honor Grandmother Irene and her beloved cottage. We have to make Irene proud!

As legend has it, there is another Irene involved with the story of the Pic Saint-Loup. Long ago the most beautiful girl in the village with whom 3 brothers on their way to the crusades would fall in love. Irene, as she was also called, promised her hand in marriage to whichever one of the 3 knights would prove themselves the most valiant and worthy. Alas, the brothers would return only to find that the lovely Irene had passed on from this world. In her memory each of the three brothers resigned themselves to living a life in solitude on each of the three mountain peaks surrounding our region. The last of these fires was lit on the highest peak by the brother now known as Saint Loup.

Today we know this mountain as the Pic Saint-Loup, and we dedicate our wines in honor of the two Irene’s of the Pic Saint Loup.

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