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Haut-Lirou White 2019


A beautiful Mediterranean sun…elegant color…a bouquet of citrus… Thinking of a waterfront terrace in Sicily? It is simply our Domaine Haut-Lirou white wine… where you will also nd hints of exotic fruit… a wonderfully elegant wine.

Grape varietes

50% Roussane, 30% Vermentino, 20% Sauvignon



Alluvium (clay, sand and gravel) originating from the river Lirou creating rich and humid soil and colluvium (from eroded tender calcareous rock) creating quality soil, deep and well drained.





Harvested early in the morning at the coolest time of day, around 5am. Direct pressing after a short period of maceration. The grape must is chilled (at around 8°C) for 36 hours to allow for settling.
After selection of the clari ed juices, the alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel vats under constant temperature control.


Tasting notes

Beautiful pale and shiny robe, an elegant color.
At rst the nose is warm with fresh almond and harvested hay aromas.
Then a second nose reveals milky tones of fresh butter.
The palate is avorful, spicy and peppery with hints of ginger bread. A lovely fresh nish which nicely expresses the calcareous terroir.


Food pairing

Pelardon goat cheese toasts on a bed of lambs lettuce. Roasted cockerel or quail with grapes.
Carmelized pineapple carpaccio.

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