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Wine tours from Montpellier or Pic Saint-Loup (North of Montpellier)

We will make you discover our vineyards at the bottom of the Pic St-Loup. They are accessible only with air-conditioned four-wheel drive vehicles Land Rover Defender. Get started on a guided-tour at the heart of the Domaine Haut-Lirou vineyards in a natural setting 200/300 meters high with terraces and the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Our tour lasts between 2h30 and 3 hours. It includes:

Four-wheels drive’s guided tour through the vineyards and discover:
– The Languedoc Pic Saint-Loup AOP (Protected Designation) since its early days.
– The fauna and flora, the geology and the terroir.
– The regional scenery.
– The cultivation of the vines and enjoy fun crash-courses on the different grape varieties of our estate.

Enjoy strolling through our terraced-vineyards where a surprise always awaits you…
We’ll give private and guided tours of the facilities of the domain from the on-ground vinification areas to the underground wine-aging cellar.
Taste the wines of the Estate. Take the opportunity of a course in tasting to become a wine expert !

A real journey from vineyard to glass!

Exceptional, congenial, playful, pedagogic, instructive … off we go!

circuit-wine-tour Our Wine Tours – Prices

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