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Our family

The Jean-Pierre RAMBIER family is a family of winegrowers since 1848 in the town of Saint Jean de Cuculles.

Louis, the first magistrate of the commune, was already making wine in the cellar on the ground floor of the family home. Celina, her daughter, took up the torch. She is one of those leading women who run the family farm while their husband was in the war. Gabriel will never return … Their daughter Irène shows character and continues the development of the estate alongside her husband Henri.

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Jean-Pierre develops, with Maryse, the domain in a masterful way. A forerunner of his soul, he made the Haut-Lirou estate one of the jewels of the Pic Saint-Loup.

Today, Mireille and Henri-Pierre co-direct the family domain by bringing their touch of modernity.
2014, Birth of Constance, sixth generation … Let him still have time to choose his way …. Even if she’s already mounted on a tractor and soaked her lollipop in wine!

Maryse, Jean-Pierre, Mireille and Henri-Pierre are very happy to welcome you to their home and make you discover the land of their ancestors.

The earth tells us more about us than all books. Because it resists us. The man discovers himself when he is measured with the obstacle

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

They are surrounded by their young and dynamic team, including: Marie cellar master, Claire at the reception, Sébastien at marketing and Vincent in charge of the commercial.

A team of enthusiasts

At Domaine Haut-Lirou, we are all passionate:
Different horizons, of several nationalities, of more or less mature ages, of eclectic formations but always with the same word in our work: passion!
It is this team that will receive you at the Domaine Haut-Lirou and will do everything possible to ensure you have an unforgettable moment …

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