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During the sunny days of the year, we open for you a seasonal bistrot in the courtyard and overlooking the vineyards of the Domaine.

To help you better savor our wines, we have selected for you charcuteries, cheeses, ice creams and sorbets from nearby farmers…

Our seasonal bistrot openning soon ! Stay connected !

Opening hours :

Lunch: from Thursday to Saturday.
Afternoon: hot and cold drinks until 6:30 p.m. (7 p.m. in July/August)

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You can book by calling us at (+33) 467 553 850 or sending an email to

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Our partners

We are pleased to partner with:

– Marie-Hélène and Akim Zérouali of Charcuterie MILLAS, at Moulin Mage, Murat-sur-Vèbre (81320)

Charcuterie Millas selects meats from animals that well-taken care of, from the beginning to the end and turn the meat into delicious charcuteries. They are bred without antibiotics and with certified GMO-free cereals as part of their diet. Long and patient fattening period and their traditiona0l savoir-faire as the magic ingredient help make for a charcuterie that you will find exceptionally tasty.

Charcuterie Millas is located on Monts de Lacaune. Its fame comes from its adherence to traditional salting, an ancestral savoir-faire…. Here, on this mountain plateau, 850 meters above the sea level, the air is pure, healthy and invigorating. The Mediterranean winds meet those of the Atlantic… It’s the perfect climate to dry the meat.

Dried Sausage Gold Medal, 2014 General French Agriculture Competition.

– Maison Dassé, Sète (34200)

Grandsons of Jeanine Dassé, Frédéric and Lionel are the fourth generation carrying on the savoir-faire. They also follow in the footsteps of their great-grandmother Adrienne Virduci, the person who started to produce and sell tielle in Sète back in 1937. In other words, Maison Dassé creates for you  a tielle with unique flavors while keeping the recipe a family secret from generation to generation.

Possible menu: octopus and cuttlefish, slightly spiced up tomato sauce and subtlety garnished with parsley.

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– Magaly and Norbert Foulquier, « Ferme des Garrigues », Notre Dame de Londres (34380)

Farmer and Producer of Pélardon AOP goat cheese. 20 minutes of Montpellier, at the bottom of Pic Saint Loup. Ferme des Garrigues goat cheese is made on site and according to strict adherence to Protected Origin Appellation rules.

– Frigexquis (ice cream and sorbet)

Organic range of ice creams and sorbets “IUM!” 500ml with innovating flavors. The company deeply rooted in the tradition of the region and uses raw products made or grown only in France.

– Les Aromatiques du Pic Saint Loup

Our cordials are made out of a natural decoction of home-grown plants and flowers. No artificial flavors and preservatives are added. Hence, our cordials yield the natural flavor of our plants.

– Palais des Thés, 37 rue Saint Guilhem, Montpellier (34000)

Serves teas that are known for their great quality and refinement. This French tea house is celebrated for its unique selection of the world best teas of appellation and of Grands Crus.

You can book by calling us at (+33) 467 553 850 or sending an email to

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